(b. 1980,Tulsa, OK) 

Current Residence, Tulsa, OK 



2018"Fluent Generations" The Art of Anita, Tom and Yatika Fields, Sam Noble Museum, Norman, OK

         "Decadence" Solo Exhibition, TAC Gallery, Tulsa, OK 

         "New Now" Tulsa Fellowship year end exhibition,Philbrook Museum, Tulsa, OK 

2017 Cultural Crossroads, Group exhibition, Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, OK  

         Solo Exhibition, Rainmaker Gallery, Bristol. UK 

         Broken Boxes, Group Exhibition, Form & Concept, Santa Fe, NM 

         Santa Fe Indian Market group Show, BlueRain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2016 Santa Fe Indian Market group Show, BlueRain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 

         Protect the Sacred, SpaceWorks Gallery, Tacoma, WA

2015 Native Fashion Now, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA

         Santa Fe Indian Market group Show, BlueRain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

         Invitational group show, BlueRain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2014 Native Group show, Chiaroscuro Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

          Painters Delight, Brisky Gallery. Miami, FL

          Native X, Weiden & Kenedy Gallery, PDX, OR 

          Native Contemporary, Peggy Zask Gallery, LA, CA 

2013 Native group show, Chiaroscuro Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

          Unraveling Time, Creating Space, Alexandria Museum of Art, LA

          Affiliated, Brisky Gallery, Miami, FL

          YARRA, Solo Exhibit, House of Bricks Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 

          The Old Becomes the New, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, NYC 

2012 Native group Show, Chiaroscuro Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

          Indigenous Water Rights, Main Site Gallery, Norman, OK

2011 Exhibit of the Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’Eau”  

         Nov 22-27, 2011, at the Grand Palais, Paris, France

         Group Show, Orenda Gallery, Paris, France 

          Post it Show, Atticus Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 

          Trio, Chiaroscuro Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

          Indian Ink 2, Pravus Gallery, PHX, AZ 

2010 Collected Voices, Chiaroscuro Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM 

          Inside-Outside, Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa. OK 

          Spring Thaw, Chiaroscuro Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM 

          Indian Ink, Legends Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 

2009 In-Visibility, Amerinda, NYC 

          Into the Now, Chiaroscuro Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

          Reformation, Revival, Rethinking, Nathan Cummings Gallery, NYC

2008 Dynamic Interpretations, Solo Show, Southern Plains Museum, OK 

          Without Limits, Chiaroscuro Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM 

          Native Voices, Selena Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2007 Contemporary Indian Market Show

          Addison ParksGallery, Santa Fe NM

          Plants Are Our Allies, Gary Farmer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 

          Looking Indian, Untitled Gallery, OKC, OK  



2017 "Plaza Walls" OKC, OK 

2016 “Plaza Walls” Mural for NoDAPL awareness. OKC, OK 

          “Habit Mural Fest” Tulsa, Ok 

2015 “Paradise” Site specific Mural on facade of IAIA Museum of  

           Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM

         “Creek Nation Mural” 30ft x 60ft, Exterior commission,Okmulgee OK

         “OKC Classen Mural” 12ft x 125ft, Exterior Mural, OKC, OK

         “Montessori School Mural” Exterior Mural, PHX, AZ

2014 “Highway Continuance” 16’x 53’ ft, Exterior Mural, Denver, CO

         “Sonoran Waltz” 20 ’X 40’ ft, Exterior Mural, Paint PHX, PHX, AZ

         “Visual Variation”12’ x 125’ ft, Exterior Mural, 1219 Creative, OKC 

         “Eagles of Klamath”15’x 120 ft, Exterior Mural, Downtown Portland,OR

2013 “Guaraguao” 20’ x 30’ ft, Exterior Mural, Dondesa, 

          San Juan, Puerto Rico 

         “Untitled Collaborative” 23’x 50’ ft, Exterior Mural, 

           Art Basel, Miami,FL

         “Los Chingones” 3 Level Interior commission, 

           Los Chingones, Denver, CO

        “Self-titled”10’x18’ Exterior Mural commission, 

          Bklyn Hot Dogs, NY, NY

         “Exterior Community Mural” the City of Frankston Victoria, Australia

         “Connecting Roads from Past to Present” 

          Interior Mural Commission OSU Museum of Art, Artist in Residence

          Stillwater, Ok 

 2012 “Untitled” 18’x 50’ ft, Exterior Mural, Factory Fresh, Bushwick, NY

         “Downstream” 12’x 26’ ft, Interior Mural commission,

          Downstream Casino, Quapaw, OK

         “Kinetic” 10’x 30”ft, Exterior Mural, Pan-American Gallery, Miami FL


Yatika Fields has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, American Art Collector, Cowboys & Indians, Art focus Oklahoma, ARTINFO, PASATIEMPO, The New Mexican, Phoenix New Times, Oklahoma Gazette and Vision Project.

Collections Include: Heard Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Oklahoma State Museum of Art, Sam Noble Museum

Artist Talks

NAASA Panel Talk with Native Tulsa Artist Fellows, NAASA Conference, Tulsa, Ok 

Conversations with Artist, IAIA MoCNA, Santa Fe, NM 2015

Idyllwild Arts, Painting Presentation and performance, Idyllwild, CA 2015

Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Yatika Fields responds to Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains, and Recent works, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY, 2011 


Grants / Fellowships/ Art Education 

 “Tulsa Artist Fellowship” 2017 recipient, Tulsa, Ok 2017

 “Native Creative Development Grant” 2015 Recipient, LongHouse Education Center Evergreen State college, Olympia, WA

 “The Urban Artist Initiative/NYC” fellowship recipient 2009/10 UAI Fellowship in the Visual Arts

  Art Institute of Boston-Major Painting Boston, MA, 2001- 2004

  Landscape Painting Study Abroad Program, three weeks in July 2000 Student Exhibit Museum Studies Tuscany and Sienna, Italy

  Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, (OSAI) 1998-2000, Photography, Painting & Sculpture, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK